Simply the best!

“I feel so fortunate to have been a client of Brittany’s for the past 5(?) years. If I could describe Brittany in one word, it would be compassionate. She is not just a massage therapist, she is also kind and careful with each session, paying attention to the exact needs of the individual, and most importantly…she listens. I am a yoga instructor and competitive runner, and my muscles and joints are  “maxxed out” quite often. Each session I have with Brittany, she seems to know exactly what my body and spirit needs at the time…  an intense sports massage with trigger points, hot stones, or more relaxing and therapeutic touch. I also have enjoyed cranio-sacral therapy from Brittany, and I cannot describe how balanced and refreshed I feel afterwards! I travel for work and have been to pristine renowned spas all over the world….but I always come back to Brittany! She is simply the best!” – S. Oleson