About Britt

Brittany has been practicing healing arts and massage therapy since 2003 – from performing basic massage techniques on family members, to pursuing it professionally in 2010 – after graduating Connecticut Center of Massage Therapy.

Massage is so important for the body, but it’s deeper than that. Pursuing the underlying currents of the body and mind, introduced her to CranioSacral Therapy – A technique which balances the carcadian rhythm of the body. Now, she specializes in CST and Orthopedic massage.

Brittany is a Graduate of the University of New Hampshire, holding a bachelors degree in Environmental Conservation. She is a Natural Resource steward and served as an Environmental steward in an Americorps program as part of the Maine Conservation Corps. She served at Vaughan Woods Memorial State park in South Berwick and Fort McClary in Kittery, Maine, and had the opportunity to do community outreach and Nature programs with the local schools, recreational department, and local yoga studios.

Naturally, she enjoys hiking and being outside in the woods as much as possible.

“A forest provides mental calmness and therefore healing properties for the human mind and soul. My passion for the healing arts and environmental conservation is almost one in the same.” – Brittany Bivona

You’ll appreciate Brittany’s love of all things natural in your massages. She’s sensitive to subtle things in the body that most people don’t observe.

She is a Buddhist practitioner – studying buddhism and chanting to raise her own life condition and overcome daily challenges. She aims to share and spread happiness to everyone she meets.