Benefits of Sports Massage

What’s the difference  between a sports massage and a ‘regular’ massage? There are different massage techniques for a pre- and post- sports massage sessions.

A pre sports session is done before an athletic event or workout. Techniques are quick manipulations of the soft tissue with lighter pressure with dynamic stretching and joint mobilization.

A post massage session is much more relaxing and it’s done after a workout or big athletic event. It requires deeper pressure and more manipulation of the soft tissue to increase pliability of the muscles, and proprioceptor neuromuscular stretches to increase range of motion and mobility.


  1. helps prevent injuries
  2. improves performance
  3. helps reduce spasms
  4. helps promote healing
  5. helps remove metabolic waste stored in the tissues due to restricted muscles
  6. helps keep muscles healthy
  7. improves range of motion
  8. relieves pain
  9. improve recovery time
  10. promotes overall wellness

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