It Starts with Music 🎼

People always told me I had a good voice and my singing wasn’t too bad either except when I was singing off key.

I am quiet and shy person most of the time. I am still struggling to find my own voice And I’m very curious if learning how to sing just might help me be more confident and find my voice?

I hired a music coach to teach me how to sing. I chose Break Away by Kelly Clarkson as my first song to sing in front of someone. That song is hard to sing on a sense where I have to train myself to sing low notes in the beginning and then to really high notes when it feels like shouting.  🎼 I’m realizing I need to take baby steps learning how to sing.

So one of the few first steps are doing ridiculously, silly voice exercises like doing raspberries like your parents did to your when you were just a little baby, and making a sound of a crying baby, except I match the sound I make to the note on the piano.

I’m learning to play the ukulele. My first song I am practicing is Three little birds by Bob Marley… Don’t worry about a thing. I got this and keep practicing

Stay tuned

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